"Energysynthesis" introduces power complexes with use of new technologies. The nonconventional approach and the deep analysis of used physical and chemical principles have allowed to develop the unique equipment which under the characteristics has outstripped existing analogues.

Feature and the main advantage of the developed Chisel Rocket launcher (CRL) is extremely high speed of drilling caused in the innovative way of destruction of breed by high-speed gas streams without mechanical contact to destroyed breed. The maximum speed of drilling is reached because drilling goes without periodic stops (for example, for escalating of chisel bars, tool replacement and so forth), and is continuous.

Technical decisions on когенерации energy on the basis of modular Thermal power station (TPS) are caused by application of new technology of fuel preparation, burning of fuel and transformation of energy of steam to the electric power. The designed steam and gas generators differ novelty, simplicity in operation and high efficiency. Also we can offer steam-engines and turbine own working out.

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