High-speed drilling of chinks

The concept of drilling of chinks with use of technology of jet drilling with application БРУ essentially changes slightly.
At drilling of firm (rocky) breeds there is no necessity to strengthen lateral walls of chinks. In unstable (loose or humidified) грунтах, or with layers of such ground, apply drilling on обсадной to a pipe.
The structure of a jet boring complex for drilling in difficult environmental conditions essentially does not change. It is necessary to pick up only corresponding chassis for placing of all process equipment, a fuel and water tank. Its sufficiency for the given kind of chisel works taking into account nearby prospects on use in similar environmental conditions should be criterion of a choice of the chassis. All it can be provided only with accurate understanding of complexity, volume and security necessary materials (including PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, waters) carried out boring works. Read more about High-speed drilling of chinks

Rendering of services in electric power realisation

The company offers unique power stations of small and average capacity for areas with poorly developed infrastructure and any environmental conditions.
Building ТЭС at the expense of own means is possible. Return of the invested means is supposed to be made through realisation of the electric power to consumers.

Rendering of services in thermal energy realisation

Simultaneously with delivery of coppers and the boiler equipment, we can consider the problem on investment of own means in building Boiler-houses. The enclosed means which can reach 100 %, it is supposed to receive for realisation of thermal energy to consumers. Read more about Rendering of services in thermal energy realisation

Manufacturing of metal designs

We make metal designs any complexity under drawings and sketches. There is own industrial base with the necessary equipment. Highly skilled department of designers.

By manufacture metal designs the certificated metal rolling of leading Russian manufacturers, or in coordination with the customer the import certificated metal rolling of factories of Belarus, Ukraine is used only.

Our experience on manufacturing of metal designs:

- Building metal designs,
- Modular buildings and warehouse,
- Road metal designs,
- Roadways metal designs

  Read more about Manufacturing of metal designs