Thermoelectric power stations

"Energysynthesis" is engaged in working out, designing and manufacture of the equipment of thermal power stations for the distributed power, heating systems and other innovative production:
  •   Coal power stations
  •   Geothermal power stations
  •   Power stations on organic fuel (woody Waste, peat, an agricultural waste and so forth)
  •   The connected systems twogeneration and threegeneration
  •   Heating coppers on different kinds of fuel, including the gas
  •   Skilled innovative workings out
The company offers unique power stations of small and average capacity for areas with слаборазвитой an infrastructure and any environmental conditions.
Following modules enter into a base complete set:
  1. System of preparation of fuel.
  2. Steam and gas generator with torches and перегревателем pair.
  3. System экономайзеров.
  4. The heat exchanger of heating of air for torches.
  5. Exhaust pipe with filters.
  6. Drive steam-engine.
  7. The electric current generator.
  8. The heat exchanger.
  9. The automated control system (ACS).
As steam and gas generators universal steam coppers of series К-6-350КТ of the established capacity 3,75, МВт, 7,5МВт 15МВт are used. Coppers are completely independent with the equipment and separate chimneys. They can be established stage by stage, and also independently to maintain. They differ safety in operation and the high efficiency. The system of condensation of steam has possibility to be connected during the warm period of time to technological water of the enterprise.
At power station designing the block method of construction is used. Necessary capacity of station is typed from several independent installations with the uniform centralised management. 
The car of a drive of the generator gets out depending on the chosen system of burning of fuel and requirements of the customer. It or Oppozitnaja a steam-engine of own design, or the turbine of partners (КТЗ, Siemens/Alstom).
Advantages of block power stations:
  1. Flexibility of system to changing levels of loading in a network.
  2. Possibility of regulation of an operating mode of each installation separately.
  3. Fast stop/start one or several of installations (maintenance service, repair, changes of loading in a network) without a stop of work of the others.
  4. Fast installation/dismantle of installation.
All production of the company passes certification on conformity to requirements of the Customs union and the European Union, and also corresponds to high ecological standards.


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