Solid-fuel cauldrons

Application: Heating of buildings and constructions.

Fuel kind: Wood щепа, wood briquettes, пеллеты, peat granules, fire wood.

Coppers water-heating type KVm are made according to requirements «Rules of the device and safe maintenance steam coppers with pressure of steam no more 0,07MPa (0,7 kgs/sm2), water-heating coppers and water heaters with temperature of heating of water not above 388К (115°С)», specifications ТУ4931-001-37529178-2013 and GOST 30735-2001 «Coppers heating water-heating thermal productivity from 0,1MW to 4,0 MW.

Water temperature on an input 70°С Water temperature on an exit 115°С

Working pressure 0,6MPa

Trial pressure 1,2MPa

Models of coppers KVm:

Model Capacity Nominal, MW/h Capacity Maximum, MW/h
KVm-0,63DT 0,63 0,7056
KVm-1,0DT 1 1,12
KVm-1,6DT 1,6 1,792
KVm-2,5DT 2,5 2,8
KVm-4,0DT 4 4,48

The certificate on coppers of series KVm-DT is here.

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