At installation of Boiler-houses we use the boiler equipment of own manufacturing. Depending on wishes of Customers water-heating cauldrons of series KV-GMT-NR, or solid-fuel cauldrons of series KVm-DT are established.

Steam cauldrons K-6-350KT which can work, as in a water-heating mode, for heat generation, and in a steam mode for generation electric power are very effective also. This variant though is more expensive, but perspective, allowing to receive in the future own resources of the electric power.
The offered boiler equipment allows to use a different kind of fuel on Boiler-houses, and also to recustomize work of the Boiler-house from one kind of fuel on another. The wide experience of work with various kinds of fuel, and also with experiments on their burning has allowed to develop universal module Toplivopodgotovki which has shown high efficiency on coal boiler-houses. Coal processing is possible to pulverulent conditions. The system of burning of such fuel adapts under concrete coal and needs of the customer: vortical, U-shaped, the boiling layer, a circulating layer. For full burning of fuel preliminary warmed-up air is used.
Let's note advantages pulverulent fuel:
  • Effective burning of coal of any quality, including low-calorie.
  • Burning process is similar to black oil and gas that promotes uniform distribution of heat in a fire chamber and to efficiency increase.
  • Heat-carrier heating occurs is better and faster as walls heat up a torch, instead of hot gases.
  • Low quantity of losses (7-8 % *) in comparison with traditional burning of coal (to 25-30 %).
  • Low cost.
  • High degree of automation of processes.
  • Wide range of adjustment of productivity.
Application of offered technologies has allowed to lower expenses of coal for 30 % even taking into account use of coal of poor quality.
Also very perspective the technology of preparation of Liquid composit fuel from any organic raw materials with application cavitational apparatus KIP is represented.
Use of the advanced high technology workings out at building of Boiler-houses allows to provide high ecological standards. Processes of decrease in level of harmful emissions are provided at each stage of work:
  1. Maintenance of the maximum completeness of combustion of a fuel mix.
  2. System of cyclonic filters.
  3. Clearing of smoke gases by means of absorbent.
  4. Application of electrofilters.
  5. Linkage and catching oxides sulphur and nitrogen in gas pipe a steam and gas generator on the newest technologies.
  6. System online of monitoring of exhaust gases by the set quantity of parametres of measurement.
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