V.I.Anurev the Directory of the designer of the machine engineer. Volume 1. - TH.: mechanical engineering, 2001.-920с.

In the first volume the help data on materials, surface roughnesses, to admissions and landings, maximum deviations of the form and an arrangement of surfaces, constructive elements of details, the fixing products standardised both normalised details and knots is resulted technical data. It is intended for engineers and technicians-designers.

V.I.Anurev the Directory of the designer of the machine engineer. Volume 2. - TH.: mechanical engineering, 2001.-912с.

In the second volume modern help data by calculation and designs of axes, shaft, bearings of sliding and rolling, clutch, gear, worm, screw, chain, plainly - and transfers, ratchet gearings and demountable connections are resulted. The new section by calculation and designing of ball screw gears is given. It is intended for engineers and technicians-designers.

V.I.Anurev the Directory of the designer of the machine engineer. Volume 3. - TH.: mechanical engineering, 2001.-864с.

In the third volume help data by calculation and designing of one-piece connections, springs, sealing devices, pipelines and armatures, lubricant, hydraulic and pneumatic devices are resulted. Lubricants, the devices which are built in the equipment, reducers, reducers are considered, electric motors, is added by data on welding of plastic, films, the glutinous connections, new data on reducers and electric motors. For engineers and technicians-designers.

V.L.Afonin, A.F.Krajnev, V.E.Kovalev and др. The processing equipment of new generation. The concept of proektirovanija. th.: mechanical engineering, 2001.-256с.

The book is devoted designing of new generation of the processing equipment constructed on multimobile and multiline rod mechanisms. Classification, structure, kinematics and dynamics of multiline mechanisms, principles of a choice and calculation of modern drives, bases of designing of monitoring systems and management facilitated processing the equipment of new generation with artificial intelligence elements are resulted.

Balandin S.S.Besshatunnye piston internal combustion engines. - TH.: Mechanical engineering, 1972.-176с.

The present book acquaints readers with conrod-free piston internal combustion engines capacity of 80 10 000 l. With., in which transformation of back and forth motion of pistons to a shaft rotary motion is carried out conrod-free by the power mechanism.

K.F.Roddatis, A.N.half-Taretsky. A directory on boiler installations of small productivity. - М: Энергоатомиздат, 1989. - 488 with.

In the book the data about structure power топлив, properties of water and pair, the materials applied at manufacturing of boiler installations is cited. Technical characteristics steam and water-heating coppers for manufacturing and heating boiler-houses, and also coppers-utilizators are given. Top internal devices, the equipment water treatmen and other auxiliaries are described.
The book appropriate on the experts who are engaged in designing, modernisation, installation, repair and operation of boiler installations.


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