Boring apparatus BRU

Chisel rocket launchers BRU are intended for drilling at the expense of dynamic influence of heat and gas on breed of chinks. The basic features BRU are extremely high speed of drilling, low cost, wide diameter of a chink that allows to place the heat exchanger in the bottom of a chink, high wear resistance of the equipment.

The first drilling units have been developed in the seventies. The given technology has been adapted and finished taking into account modern technologies. Performing chisel works for chinks of different function have been designed and made various BRU, beginning from installation LEP on depth of 18 m, finishing drilling of chinks for GeoES in width of 600 mm and depth more than 1400 m.

Steam cauldrons


The steam and gas generator of type К-6-350КТ is intended for burning of a coal dust for the purpose of maintenance of a drive of the electrogenerator перегретым by steam c pressure 2,4MPa. It represents a steam copper with the two-planimetric combined circulation of the steam-and-water environment. A design of surfaces of heating vodo-gazotrubnaja. The steam and gas generator auxiliary тягодутьевым is completed by the equipment and gas purification system.



Capacity Nominal,


Hot-water cauldrons

Water-heating coppers KV-GMT-NR-130 represent coppers with the two-planimetric combined circulation of the steam-and-water environment. A design of surfaces of heating vodo-gazotrubnaja.
As water-heating coppers can быцть steam coppers K-6-350KT and K-6-360GM are used. Transfer from in a water-heating mode comes easy.
Name Model Capacity Nominal, MW Capacity Maximum, MW
Gas hot-water cauldrons KV-GMT-NR-3-130 3,5

Solid-fuel cauldrons

Application: Heating of buildings and constructions.

Fuel kind: Wood щепа, wood briquettes, пеллеты, peat granules, fire wood.

Coppers water-heating type KVm are made according to requirements «Rules of the device and safe maintenance steam coppers with pressure of steam no more 0,07MPa (0,7 kgs/sm2), water-heating coppers and water heaters with temperature of heating of water not above 388К (115°С)», specifications ТУ4931-001-37529178-2013 and GOST 30735-2001 «Coppers heating water-heating thermal productivity from 0,1MW to 4,0 MW.

Water temperature on an input 70°С Water temperature on an exit 115°С

Working pressure 0,6MPa

Trial pressure 1,2MPa

Models of coppers KVm: Read more about Solid-fuel cauldrons


At installation of Boiler-houses we use the boiler equipment of own manufacturing. Depending on wishes of Customers water-heating cauldrons of series KV-GMT-NR, or solid-fuel cauldrons of series KVm-DT are established. Read more about Boiler-houses

Thermoelectric power stations

"Energysynthesis" is engaged in working out, designing and manufacture of the equipment of thermal power stations for the distributed power, heating systems and other innovative production:
  •   Coal power stations
  •   Geothermal power stations
  •   Power stations on organic fuel (woody Waste, peat, an agricultural waste and so forth)
  •   The connected systems twogeneration and threegeneration
  •   Heating coppers on different kinds of fuel, including the gas
  •   Skilled innovative workings out
The company offers unique power stations of small and average capacity for areas with слаборазвитой an infrastructure and any environmental conditions.
Following modules enter into a base complete set:
  1. System of preparation of fuel.
  2. Steam and gas generator with torches and перегревателем pair.