Boring apparatus BRU

Chisel rocket launchers BRU are intended for drilling at the expense of dynamic influence of heat and gas on breed of chinks. The basic features BRU are extremely high speed of drilling, low cost, wide diameter of a chink that allows to place the heat exchanger in the bottom of a chink, high wear resistance of the equipment.

The first drilling units have been developed in the seventies. The given technology has been adapted and finished taking into account modern technologies. Performing chisel works for chinks of different function have been designed and made various BRU, beginning from installation LEP on depth of 18 m, finishing drilling of chinks for GeoES in width of 600 mm and depth more than 1400 m.

Working body BRU is the Jet chisel device (RBA) which consists of a chisel head and a steam and gas generator. The chisel head is intended for creation of high-speed streams of the working body used for The temperature gas dynamic of destruction of breed.

The combined influence on breed of high-temperature supersonic gas streams (a fragile peeling, fusion, erosion) causes high efficiency of technology. The firm environment collapses in modes of a fragile peeling. At a fragile peeling from heated up to temperature 300-800 °С face surfaces separate small firm particles (1-20 mm). The Source of rupture - the thermal pressure caused by non-uniform warming up of a blanket of environment and a mode of a peeling.

slime and fulfilled парогаз, formed in the course of drilling, through tap on a dome get to system slag removals, consisting of an adsorbing cyclone, the filter and the heat exchanger for heat recycling.

Small depth of drilling allows bore each chink for one operation without additional montazhno-pristykovochnyh works. It, also, allows to use сильфоны (the goffered flexible sleeves with working pressure to 15-17 MPa) for giving of components in RBA. All it essentially simplifies a power supply system and managements BRU, and also reduces total time necessary for drilling and lacingchinks.

For drilling with deep promarketable it is necessary to use koltubbinng cars equipped RBA.

BRU with one established device RBA intended for drilling of chinks to 20 m consists of following basic modules:

Given model BRU has following basic characteristics:

• Depth of drilling to 20 m.
• Diameter of a chink – 150-250 mm (it is defined by a design of replaceable chisel heads).
• breed Extraction – a purge fulfilled on breed destruction парогазовой a stream.
• Power installation – a steam and gas generator (PGG):
• a fuel Kind – hydrocarbonic fuel (дизтопливо, gasoline, kerosene).
• the Oxidizer – compressed air.
• the Coolant – water.
• Capacity on heat of 2500 kw, total capacity taking into account energy of compressed air – 3500 kw.
• Emissions correspond to norms for internal combustion engines
• At drilling there are no vibrations, and level of noise is defined by the additional equipment, basically, compressor installations.
• Management of work RBA and a complex is carried out automatically under the supervision of the operator.  

In the Table speeds of drilling BRU depending on durability of breeds are resulted.

Fortress factor, f

The Category of a fortress of breeds

The Name of breeds

Strength on compression, kg/sm2

Speed of drilling БРУ, m/mines



Limestone soft porous, it is strong crumbling, a chalk dense





Sandstone clay removed, it is strong crumbling





The Granite, gneiss, syenite, soft, strongly removed, dense limestone           





The Granite coarse-grained, rather strong dolomite





Granito-gneiss, a granite sredne-granular strong, diorite, diabase, porphyrite





The Granite of the higher fortress, basalt, hornstone strong, diabase, diorite the higher fortress, gabbro and quartzite strong



More detailed information about BRU can be found in Presentation. At production test BRU Video data have been Videomaterials.


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