5/14/2013. Tests of the Chisel Rocket launcher

Tests of the Chisel Rocket launcher at factory NPP "Ekotechnosynnthesis" in Odintsovo Moscow Region are conducted. There is a film and set of photos which it is possible to look at Videomaterials.
Latest models of jet chisel devices are universal and work, both on organic, and on mineral fuel.
A considerable quantity of the chisel heads allowing with huge speed бурить on sedimentary breeds, and also бурить rocky breeds with high factor of a fortress is developed.
Productivity БРУ essentially differs for different types of breeds with various strong characteristics. Classification of rocks by a fortress, developed by professor M.M.Protodjakonovym is most extended. This classification is based that resistibility of rock can be expressed destruction any kinds one certain number – factor of a fortress of breed (f) which shows, in how many the fortress of the given breed is more than times or less fortress of the breed conditionally accepted for unit.
Strength on compression is not defining for breed destruction, however on it it is possible to judge differentiation of a fortress of breeds. The durability factor on a stretching makes approximately 10 % from durability factor on compression.
Cтендовое drilling of gneiss and a red granite confirms high speed of drilling on firm breeds.
It is necessary to notice that depth of drilling for jet chisel devices of basic value has no. But speed of drilling with depth falls that to increase in depth there is a carrying out буримой breeds from a chink more difficultly. At drilling on 1270 m initial speed was above 1 km/s, and in the end has reached 0,2 km/s.

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