Chisel machine tools

High-speed drilling of chinks

The concept of drilling of chinks with use of technology of jet drilling with application БРУ essentially changes slightly.
At drilling of firm (rocky) breeds there is no necessity to strengthen lateral walls of chinks. In unstable (loose or humidified) грунтах, or with layers of such ground, apply drilling on обсадной to a pipe.
The structure of a jet boring complex for drilling in difficult environmental conditions essentially does not change. It is necessary to pick up only corresponding chassis for placing of all process equipment, a fuel and water tank. Its sufficiency for the given kind of chisel works taking into account nearby prospects on use in similar environmental conditions should be criterion of a choice of the chassis. All it can be provided only with accurate understanding of complexity, volume and security necessary materials (including PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, waters) carried out boring works.

Boring apparatus BRU

Chisel rocket launchers BRU are intended for drilling at the expense of dynamic influence of heat and gas on breed of chinks. The basic features BRU are extremely high speed of drilling, low cost, wide diameter of a chink that allows to place the heat exchanger in the bottom of a chink, high wear resistance of the equipment.

The first drilling units have been developed in the seventies. The given technology has been adapted and finished taking into account modern technologies. Performing chisel works for chinks of different function have been designed and made various BRU, beginning from installation LEP on depth of 18 m, finishing drilling of chinks for GeoES in width of 600 mm and depth more than 1400 m.

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