High-speed drilling of chinks

The concept of drilling of chinks with use of technology of jet drilling with application БРУ essentially changes slightly.
At drilling of firm (rocky) breeds there is no necessity to strengthen lateral walls of chinks. In unstable (loose or humidified) грунтах, or with layers of such ground, apply drilling on обсадной to a pipe.
The structure of a jet boring complex for drilling in difficult environmental conditions essentially does not change. It is necessary to pick up only corresponding chassis for placing of all process equipment, a fuel and water tank. Its sufficiency for the given kind of chisel works taking into account nearby prospects on use in similar environmental conditions should be criterion of a choice of the chassis. All it can be provided only with accurate understanding of complexity, volume and security necessary materials (including PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, waters) carried out boring works.

  Experience of jet drilling

As a result of numerous skilled and industrial tests performing chisel works for the chinks of different function, different diameters and depth have been designed and made various РБА.
For drilling of chinks under high support ЛЭП (Electric main) depth of 18 m had been designed the chisel device in diameter of 240 mm. The parity of diameter of a chink and diameter of chisel head РБА makes 1,5 – 1,7 for sedimentary breeds.

Under needs of the customer the chisel device, with which help бурили chinks to 1270 m. has specially been developed
The first devices worked on firm organic fuel. In a consequence in РБА began to use basically liquid fuel.

   It is much spent works on drilling of chinks on building sites. As a rule, it is superficial chinks to 12 m. Diameters of chinks varied from 140 mm to 324 mm.
It is necessary to notice that depth of drilling for jet chisel devices of basic value has no. But speed of drilling with depth falls that to increase in depth there is a carrying out буримой breeds from a chink more difficultly. At drilling on 1270 m initial speed was above 1 km/s, and in the end has reached 0,2 km/s.

Latest models of jet chisel devices are universal and work, both on organic, and on mineral fuel.
A considerable quantity of the chisel heads allowing with huge speed бурить on sedimentary breeds, and also бурить rocky breeds with high factor of a fortress is developed.
    Dependence of speed of drilling on hardness of breeds on a scale of Protodjakonova is resulted in the table in section of technical characteristics.    

   Application of the combined influence on breed high-temperature supersonic gas streams, causes high efficiency of technology. We will note advantages of jet drilling before traditional ways of drilling.

    High speed of drilling. On rocky breeds of the higher class of hardness speed of drilling reaches 6 m./hour On sedimentary breeds – from 500 to 1000 m/hour depending on depth and character of breed. On frozen грунтам – to 100 m./hour Commercial speed of drilling on sedimentary breeds – to 1000 m for change, on rocky – to 100 m for change.
    Long term of operation. Device RBA has no moving parts and does not contact to breed in an operating time. Drilling is made by influence of the paro-gas stream formed in nozzles of a chisel head.
    Simplicity of service. Absence of expendable materials and high degree of automation of complex БРУ does its simple in service, therefore high speed проходки and the low cost price of drilling.
    Universality. For drilling of various breeds replaceable chisel heads are used. Among them is universal and special for difficult breeds. Sets of chisel heads allow to make drilling of chinks of the big diameter.
    Mobility. The chisel complex differs mobility and does not demand preparation of a chisel platform. It allows to use it in hard-to-reach spots and extreme conditions - in marshland, on abrupt slopes, the narrow and constrained places - gorges, штольнях, with the minimum height of 5 metres. Drilling from pontoons and cars on an air cushion is possible.

    Technology РБ allows to carry out drilling at any angle, including drilling from below-upwards. The last can find application for the organisation of ventilation of tunnels and developments.
    For needs of geological prospecting the technology can be used as for drilling of chinks of seismic prospecting in hard-to-reach spots, and for prospecting chinks for search of deposits. In this case, cassette gathering chisel slime with reception of a pseudo-core, suitable for chemical researches is used.
    As fuel components such widespread components as air, diesel fuel and water are used. Availability, low cost, and also rather high pozharo-explosion safety of the chosen fuel liquidates the lacks inherent in a fire way of drilling on a kislorodo-kerosene mix.

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